The Power of Digital Transformation in Behavioral Health


As a behavioral health facility, you are most likely faced with some of the following tasks, such as keeping up with new regulations, managing vendors and contracts, maintaining facility logs, and ensuring staff are up to date on their training. There are a lot of factors that come into play on a daily basis and consolidation of these factors becomes a greater challenge the more you start housing physical documents and are faced with the increasing burden of file and binder organization.   

Deciding how to move forward and how to increase your operational efficiency can be simpler than anticipated. With a full digital transformation of your facility’s traditional compliance and operational practices, you can eliminate any of the risk factors that can come into play and ultimately jeopardize your behavioral health centers’ accreditation status. Digital transformation can come with a bit of hesitancy, due to the fact that your organization will need to shift its daily operational cadence from paper to digital device, but at the end of the day, digital transformation in behavioral health only brings about a positive change.   

CoreCompli is the award-winning fully equipped compliance and operational platform providing a wide range of tools to keep your facility up to date on new regulations, on track with facility logs, and so much more. Our secure cloud-based platform allows on-demand access from any device so you can have complete oversight of your staff and ensure your facility is on track with compliance tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.   

With CoreCompli you will be able to simplify compliance and increase operational excellence with the following tools:   

  • Dynamic Policies & Procedures: generate and manage policies and procedures that match your agency’s specific standards, including The Joint Commission, CARF, and others.   
  • Vendor, Employee, & Contract Management: Manage all vendors, employees, and contracts to ensure material terms, milestones, as well as vendor qualifications, are continuously being met.  
  • Progress Meters & Checklists: Gain transparency and oversight when key tasks are completed. Leverage operational checklists in accordance with your policies and procedures  
  • Incident/Logging Management: Our platform provides a secure repository to electronically capture daily incident information. This simple system provides historical records and permissions.  
  • Training: Assign and monitor all courses and required training. Maintain workforce credentials to maintain compliance.  
  • Accreditation Management: Meet each state and accreditation agency requirements. Perform surveys, and be directed with daily tasks to meet accreditation standards.  

By integrating digital compliance and operational management platform into your behavioral health facility you can eliminate a great deal of time-consuming and paper-based tasks and increase the overall oversight of your facility. At the end of the day, your main focus as a behavioral health facility is providing the best patient care and CoreCompli is here to help you do just that. 

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