Real-time validation of privacy and security rules along with streamlined credentialing and accreditation verification and approvals. Identify compliance gaps in real-time and suggests remedial actions to remain in compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, PCI, etc and various accreditation agencies such as AAAHC, AAASF, Joint Commission, etc.


Comply with privacy and security rules at overseas, federal and state levels and be able to provide verification in regards to such compliance to clients and responsible government agencies. Maintain and report on critical compliance requirements such as GLBA, FFIEC, Dodd-Franks, FCPA, etc.


Solutions allow implementation of governance programs for standards of conduct and EHS, and unify emission management and quality and safety management across operations. Also deliver risk management and compliance automation for multiple regulations like NERC-CIP, CFAT, NIST, OSHA, etc.


Provide an integrated environment to manage a range of compliance requirements, risks, audits, and product and supplier quality processes. Comply with rigorous regulatory requirements ranging from FDA GXPs and the phRMA code, to cross-industry mandates such as EPA, USDA, and FCPA requirements.


Whether a government agency or private company, our platform empowers organizations to adopt a focused and business-driven approach when managing and mitigating IT risks and threats. Comply with COBIT, CCPA, SOC, etc. to conform with best practices and regulatory requirements across various industries.