Operations In A Post-Quarantine Era: The New Normal


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have or will be making changes to regulations and policies. This will, in turn, cause a whole new way of business operation that was never imagined before. The healthcare industry has been hit extremely hard as they have had to shift and adapt to situations that have only been spoken of before in policies and not practiced in real-time. Things will have to change going forward in the future for not only patient safety but employee safety. The aspect of new infection control protocols and the preparation for another outbreak will become the focus of many government agencies.    

Along with the emphasis of complying with new regulations, there has been a growing need for supplies and tracking those supplies, whether that pertains to PPE, medications, or other necessary medical equipment. As supply fulfillment directly relates to patient safety, we can predict that the government and other agencies will have a renewed emphasis on ensuring that healthcare facilities comply with the mandated supply requirements. We even foresee further surprise audits to ensure that this requirement is being kept current. Continuous compliance is one strategy to ensure that these compliance-related items are maintained so staff can focus on daily operations and patient safety.   

HOTB Software is working hard during these times to be the helping hand to healthcare facilities to minimize the burden and stress of compliance so that healthcare staff can focus on what matters the most.   

Healthcare facilities can greatly benefit from software tools that can address some of the operational aspects related to COVID-19:    

  • Personal Protective Equipment Monitoring – ordering and managing the stock of PPE to ensure all staff is properly protected day in and day out.   
  • Vendor and Contract Management – ensure your vendors are validated and operating on schedule to keep your facility stocked up.   
  • Incident Reporting/Electronic Logging – collect relevant incident data and log daily operational items to analyze trends and conduct thorough investigations.   
  • Guidance and Regulatory Updates – automatically see updated rules and guidance from oversight agencies to keep your facility and staff up to date on new protocols and policies and procedures.    

By adding compliance software to do the heavy lifting, healthcare facilities can concentrate on what matters most, patient care, and employee safety.    

For more on our compliance tools, stay tuned for our upcoming blog series breaking down the essentials to help you deal with ongoing operational issues related to COVID-19. To learn more, click here.