Dynamic Policy Management: Digitally Transforming Traditional Policy Management for Healthcare Operational Efficiency and Compliance


Policy management within an organization is more than just managing a binder or files of the latest policies, it is the art of filtering through the disorganization and creating a process for highlighting and distributing the latest policies. This task usually involves leadership within a healthcare facility to continually update policies and set the foundation and standard for the rest of the organization to follow.   

In our eyes, good policy management allows for all policies and procedures to be organized and kept in a single location. It also provides a set expectation for your facility and staff to help guide their decisions in the right direction when making decisions to help reduce liabilities and risks.   

Traditionally policy management within healthcare typically looks like a 3-ring binder that houses all the updated documents that will then be distributed to staff. Overall, it’s the creation, acceptance, organization, and circulation of all policy and procedure documents for your facility. Yet, policies are an ever-changing document and are constantly being revised or updated and we understand that it’s a daunting task to continually manage. In saying that, there is an apparent need for a better policy management method.   

Implementing a dynamic policy management plan lets you and your team adapt quickly and keep your staff aware of the latest risks, procedures, and insights to help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently. It also lets you track compliance with any rules, accreditation regulations, and laws that affect your organization.  

This is even more important for high-risk, high-liability organizations, such as healthcare facilities, including ASCs, behavioral health, long-term care, and more. Your organization’s resources and credibility are at stake, as well as your patient and staff safety, thus, your policies are the first line of defense.   

If your facility is still using traditional policy management methods like binders, a fax machine, email, or even shared drives to distribute policies, you are exposing your organization to liabilities that can be avoided.   

You are also most likely faced with the following:   

  1. The costs of traditional paper policy necessities such as buying paper, binders, and ink. Additionally, the hassle of manually distributing new and updated policies after each update.  
  2. Managing endless spreadsheets which are, at the end of the day, made for budgets and not managing policies.  
  3. Multitudes of emails that get sent out which in all fairness may be unread and are difficult to track with any reliability.  
  4. The task of setting up a shared drive, uploading, and distributing.   

In terms of organizational efficiency, there are far more economical and dynamic methods to choose when it comes to how your facility manages, updates, and distributes policies and procedures.  

This is why a dynamic policy management tool & software can make all the difference when it comes to your organization’s policy documents:  

  • Everything is centrally located in one platform accessible by all staff via a secure password-protected login. There’s no doubt about who has what policy.  
  • Reminders and notifications are sent automatically when updated policies and procedures have been made.   
  • All policies are stored in the cloud digitally. Administrators will be able to access the amendable and editable versions.   
  • Most importantly, all policies are consistent and up to date.   

No matter how advanced your policy management is, you can always benefit by making it centralized, easy to access and distribute, and matched to your staff’s training.  

SCT|CoreCompli is the most comprehensive healthcare compliance and accreditation management platform housing our dynamic policy & procedure management tool as just one of our many solutions that can help you store, manage, organize, distribute, track, and conduct training on your policies.  

To learn more about SCT|CoreCompli and our dynamic policy management solution schedule a demo today or contact us at sales@hotbsoftware.com.