Becker’s ASC Review Validates Surgical Center Toolbox as a Key Tool



Compliance plays an integral role in accredited ambulatory surgical centers and must be continuously maintained and monitored to ensure that regulations are being met in time for a scheduled survey. Preparing for a survey is generally regarded as a tedious and timely task for ASC administrators, but by integrating technology, accreditation compliance can be streamlined and survey time can be decreased.    

Within a featured article on Becker’s ASC, HOTB Software’s proprietary ASC focused compliance platform, Surgical Center Toolbox, is highlighted as the digital tool to help mitigate risks and streamline accreditation. Two ASC leaders: Lawrence Parrish, MBA, an administrator of a Chicago-based Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center, and William Neugebauer, the managing partner at Corona, Calif.-based Neugebauer Strategic Solutions/American Surgical Facilities break down some of the ways that technology can help with accreditation challenges.    

Here’s a closer look:    

The core message of the article is to call attention to the fact that most surgical centers are still using traditional compliance methods, such as paper-based policy binders and physical logs, to make sure they are meeting accreditation standards. One can only imagine the number of challenges that are faced while using manual methods, thus technology can stand in as the ultimate solution to streamline the process and digitize the once archaic practice of accreditation compliance.    

The key benefits of integrating technology like SCT include:    

  • Remaining proactively compliant and reducing survey preparation time, which otherwise would traditionally take around one year of preparatory measures.    
  • Shifting the ‘tedious’ and ‘stressful’ connotation that accreditation survey preparation holds.    
  • Becoming a technology-based organization can decrease the overall time spent and increase the sense of preparedness.    
  • Additionally, as Parrish noted, “My philosophy is the less time surveyors spend in your facility, the less opportunity they have to find fault.” Leading to a shortened survey due to the digitization of compliance management.   

Lastly, the article highlights that continuity of operations can be a challenge, thus technology is a great way to reduce the challenges that organizations, like surgical centers, will face moving forward.    

  • Neugebauer comments on this topic, saying that “When you talk about consolidation, it will all be technology-driven in the near future. It’s just a matter of time. Surgery Center Toolbox enables ASCs to aggregate people onto a single system. Technology at its best can hold people accountable, while providing more systemization and uniformity.”    

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