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COVID-19: Ensure Employee Safety,
Restore Customer Trust,
& Open Your Business With Confidence

CoreCompli Certified: A Robust Platform For Guiding Your Business Through This Uncharted Territory


Use the platform to conduct checks before employees start their shift or when an employee is showing symptoms.

Task Assignment
& Alerts

Assign tasks and automatically send alerts to managers or other leaders based on the information submitted to alert them as to any deficiencies.


A cleaning checklist that includes all common physical touchpoints including customer facing areas that should receive priority attention.


Real-time visibility into which tasks have been completed, allowing you to focus on your business.

Web & Mobile Interface

Library of Essential Checklists

Printable Checklists

Customizable Checklists

Reporting & Monitoring

Auditable Data

Digitize Your Operating Procedures

Whether you are putting together plans to reopen your business or are in the middle of opening and responding to COVID-19 operational issues, you can lean on CoreCompli to facilitate and automate the procedures and tasks you need your business to follow. Whether a single location or multi-location, use CoreCompli’s digital checklists, audits and reports to ensure employee safety and customer trust.

Beyond our CoreCompl Certified platform for opening your business, the full CoreCompli Compliance platform can store all your policies and procedures, facilitate compliance with regulatory and agency standards while providing operational tools for day to day use to maintain compliance continuity.

Gain confidence for your business operations.

How Does CoreCompli Certified Work

We Support all Sectors

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The Premier Platform For Conducting Compliance
& Operational Assessments

Realtime Dashboard

Logging/Incident Management

Employee Records/Verification

Dynamic Policies & Procedures

Vendor & Contract Management

Analytics & Task Management

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